Saving Children

      Saving Families

              Revealing the Way of God

Saving Children


Days of Victory builds schools, universities, and community centers in 3rd world countries.  These are called Victory Projects.

Currently there are three Victory Projects:

      India Community Center

      India University

      Cambodia Schools

These Victory Projects Save Children by feeding, clothing, and educating.  These children are now caught in the trap of poverty and can’t escape that trap on their own.  We sustain them and educate them giving the ladder out to their own Victory.

Saving Families


DOV builds Community Transformation Centers that teach women skills to create desperately needed income.  These women have no chance to  help their family without the skills and materials to make the money needed to sustain their family.

Their family can have the food housing and furnishings needed to live.  The family members' lives are changed for generations through the ability to earn a living.

The men are trained in business, leadership, and skills to provide for their family and community.   The Community Transformation Center provides the facility and training.

Revealing the Way of God


Days of Victory publishes The Way of God.  God's Truths for you and your life.  These Truths are taken directly from the original texts of the Bible.

The Way of God will change and bless your life.

You will see the most recent Section of the Way as it is posted.  The Sections can have audio and videos included.

Look at the Way of God Page to see the important life changing questions that will be answered for you.

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The Way of God

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