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Achieve Your Life Purpose with Days of Victory

Your Purpose
Your Impact

Make Your Life Matter

Achieve Your Life Purpose
with Days of Victory (DOV)

Home Achieve Your Purpose
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Your Purpose is to Impact the lives of People.  People caught in the Prison of Poverty.  No way out.  No way up.

Your Life Purpose is the Key to unlocking their lives and future.  Your Impact will change the lives of generations.  A lasting and never-ending Impact.  A True Life Purpose.

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Your Life Purpose
Save the Lives of Children

DOV Save the Children
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Children are living in hopelessness.  Children who never chose to be locked in the life prison of poverty.  Children with no access to education.  Children with no way out or up in life.

Your Life Purpose is the key that will unlock the gates to their new life.  Your Impact will change their lives, their futures, their finances, and their self-worth.  Your Life Purpose will save the lives and the generations of these children.

Your Impact
Rescue the Lives of
Women and Mothers

DOV Rescue Women
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Women in many countries have little to no value.  These women can be thrown out on the streets by men or husbands.  These women have no access to training, help, or the ability to survive.  These women are reduced to begging or selling the one thing they still have: their bodies.

Your Life Purpose is the Key to giving these women a life, a future, a skill, a way to survive and thrive.  Your Impact will be to train and equip these women with the skills to become self-supporting, financially able, and have self and social worth.

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DOV is Totally Different
Your Life Purpose is Direct

DOV Is Totally Different
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DOV doesn’t keep any of your Help Funds. They go directly to the Victory Project that you select.

Most nonprofits keep a serious amount of your donations.  DOV is Totally Different. 


Every dollar of your Help Funds goes directly to your Victory Project.  The Directors of DOV are not paid anything. 


Your Purpose will receive all your Help Funds.

DOV Has Several Helper Levels

DOV Helper Levels
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You choose your Helper Level. Your Helper Level is dynamic, and you can change it at any time. Each Helper Level fulfills different Purposes and has different Life Impacts.

The Helper Levels are:

  • Bronze Helper

  • Silver Helper

  • Gold Helper

  • Diamond Helper

  • Double Diamond Helper

  • Triple Diamond Helper

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