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Here is Some

Important Information

About the Way of God


Days of Victory


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How are you to use the God’s teachings today?

This is a time when everyone is connected, and the church has matured into hundreds of different denominations and sects.

Over the centuries many of the God’s teachings have been changed to accommodate those in power and reinforce the church’s power which has distorted God’s true teachings.

How does the Way of God tell you how to follow God?

First, this is not a replacement to the Bible.  The Bible is the Word of God.  However, you must know which books in the Bible are authoritative and which are less crucial.

Second, this is the result of decades of experience and research.  It is also the result of the Holy Spirit’s inspirations.

Third, this is an explanation and elaboration of many of the more difficult, misused and misunderstood teachings in the Bible.

Lastly, this is how you are to use God’s teachings in modern day.

Is the Bible relevant and How are you to read the Bible?

The Bible is a combination of teachings, some are specifically to be used in the time and under the customs of the day in which it was written.  Other passages are universal and are to be used for all time. The universal teachings are stated in terms of the conditions of the first century at the very beginning of the Christian church.

Other books in the Bible were written by the leaders of the church to present their teaching at that time.  These support teaching of the church to give the leaders authority to influence the members of their churches.

The Way of God is going back to the basic teachings of God for today for you.


Days of Victory – Victorious Projects


Providing Education that changes lives and generations

There are people caught in a culture and country that trap the people in never ending inescapable poverty.  This poverty traps generations of these people.  The only key to open the poverty trap is education and skills that are not available to them.

Days of Victory builds schools and Community Transformation Centers.  These transform the lives on peoples’ lives and change generations.