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LISA Training Center
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LISA Training Center

The LISA Teacher and School Leader Training Center, a beacon of hope for its 90 students from diverse ethnic groups and countries, provides the curriculum and teaching necessary for their growth. LISA’s mission is to empower these students to become indigenous leaders, who will then pass on their knowledge, thereby significantly expanding the impact.

The LISA Center, a crucial educational hub, is now operational in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Your timely Help is of the utmost importance for this vital training center. The success of the schools and educational programs hinges on the availability of trained teachers, leaders, and educational materials.

Now that the LISA Training Center is complete, about 90 students are being trained. Each of these students needs Sponsorship Help from you to continue their program.

Your Help with the LISA Training Center has a huge impact on the entire school system.  Your Purpose expands to touch thousands of children and their families.

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