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India's Children

Give Children a Future

Twelve child centers provide education and care for over 500 impoverished children living in rural villages and urban slums. These children are desperate to know they are loved and worthy when society reminds them otherwise because of their caste. They need food, clothing, and educational assistance to survive.

Your sponsorship Help will extend your love to these children, boost their confidence, and prepare them for a hopeful future.

Over 1,000 students from all economic, caste, and faith backgrounds are enrolled. Pre-K through Grade 12 students are intentionally blended together to break down stereotypes by building respect in an environment that supports solid morals and values. The school’s quality education is in high demand and offered to diverse underprivileged students through your Helping sponsorships, which cover their well-being and education. Students are being prepared to lead the next generation with tolerance, love, and compassion. Most of these students will pursue higher education.

“Education empowers people to control their destiny.”

The Children’s Program:

We have twelve Children’s Programs across India, with over 500 children. Our staff provides food, clothing, and education. We ensure the children attend our schools and are loved and cared for since their parents are busy toiling in the fields, and many of the fathers are alcoholics.

Each of these children is waiting for your help as a sponsor.  Without your Help, their future is uncertain.  When you sponsor one of these children, you are not just changing their lives, but also the lives of the generations that follow. Your impact will be felt for years to come.

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