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Cambodia School
DOV Visit

We had the fantastic, life-changing opportunity to visit and dedicate our latest school. This trip was one of the highlights of all the DOV Helpers who went with us.

As part of our mission, we offer Victory Helpers a unique and unforgettable opportunity to travel to Cambodia. It's a chance to experience a life highlight that will forever be etched in your memory.

The people we met were some of the happiest and most thankful we have ever met. There were times when we were so overwhelmed by the experience that it was hard to talk, and tears flowed.  

Watch the unbelievable welcome we were given to the school.  All of the students were lined up on both sides of the road to the school.  They were clapping and welcoming us.  The Impact that we are making in these lives was way more than we had ever imaged.

We then went into the school.  The teachers and community leaders welcomed us and thanked us for the school.  The students then presented a program of song and dance.  Absolutely wonderful.

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