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India ARISE Update
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India Women's
ARISE Program Update

Update of the Women’s ARISE Program:


This year has been an exciting journey for the women. They have been blessed with developing their tailoring skills. Though we had to close the centers for two months during the COVID lockdown, we ensured that the women did not lose out on training by adapting to new hours.


Because of Your Help:

  • 100 women in need completed their training last month and another 100 have started their training.

  • To date, 32 classes have been conducted, and 651 women have graduated, who are now able to earn a decent living and provide for their families.

  • The employment rate is 98%.

  • The monthly average earnings range from $42 to $236, depending on the location and time invested into their new careers.  This is more income than their families have been earning during the planting and harvesting seasons.

The ARISE! Program is focused on equipping women with tailoring skills and on overall change that will transform their lives and families. The women develop self-esteem through special classes in hygiene and self-care and are taught how to voice their opinions.


One of the main needs of the graduates is a sewing machine.  These only cost $250 and provide the woman the ability to succeed.

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