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India Community Center
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India Community

The Community Center:

  • Feeds and educates for 100 children.

  • Have the ARISE! Women's Vocational Training Center

  • Offers adult literacy classes

  • Trains people with entrepreneurial skills

  • A gathering place for the community

The  Community Center houses the Childcare Center and hosts the ARISE! Women's Program, and equips community leaders. A well also delivers clean and safe drinking water to the community!

The community’s men can attend entrepreneurial training classes geared toward the area's resources to improve their earning potential.  People are trained in new skills and values that lead to a new lifestyle and drastically reduce the issue of alcoholism.  A new well provides safe drinking water to all and lowers infant mortality rates.

The Community:

Pappakoil is a Dalit village situated in the coastal belt of South India.  This is one of the poorest Communities in India. Most of the houses in this community are huts made from locally sourced materials such as mud and palm leaves. People in this community mostly earn fifty cents a day as field laborers for a short growing season of 3 to 4 months a year. The rest of the time, they try to find ways to get by and struggle to feed their children. Because of their status as Dalits, these “Untouchables” are unfairly discriminated against, and the government often overlooks them.

The opportunity arises!

To begin with, we needed a much larger facility to accommodate and expand our children’s program. These children need an environment where they feel worthy and an atmosphere filled with dignity and respect to grow in their confidence.

Upon hearing the news, the elderly couple next door approached us. They wanted to sell their property to move closer to their children. DOV provided the amount of money needed to purchase the land within days!

There is a need to empower people with vocational training. This region is prone to flooding, and the cycle of poverty continues to repeat itself, leaving people vulnerable and unable to work after each natural disaster. The people here desperately need skills to earn a livable wage to support their families.

This was the opportunity to add the ARISE! Women’s Program to teach women life skills, offer health and hygiene classes, provide literacy classes, and teach them tailoring skills.

In just six months, the ARISE program teaches women how to sew and earn a livable income to feed and support their children. These trained women can work in nearby towns or from home in a rural area like this. If they choose to work collaboratively, they can form a cooperative to create and sell their goods in nearby cities.

Your Life Purpose Help make a huge impact by Helping the programs at the Community Center in Pappakoil.  Check how you can provide the Life Changing Help.

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