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India ARISE Program
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India Women's
ARISE Program

The Women’s ARISE Program


Dilat women in India find themselves in a desperate situation.  They did nothing to deserve to be caught in this horrible situation.  They are considered property and can be mistreated or rejected at the whim of men.


Most women are not allowed to receive an education or learn a trade, so they are at the mercy of the men around them. When a man rejects them, they are considered outcasts. No other man can care for them because they are rejected outcasts of another man in the community.


You and DOV must stop this cycle of poverty and abuse.  We have found the way and have started the Women’s ARISE Program.  It is highly successful in saving these women and their children.


Attending the ARISE! A program that will teach women how to become tailors so they can have steady jobs with good earning potential wages to care for their families.


Provide Women with Hope

ARISE! Training Program. In just six months, women facing desperate circumstances are taught life skills, basic literacy, and tailoring skills that can take them from surviving to thriving.

During the process, these women develop courage and discover their potential. As their skills grow, they regain trust, and their dignity is restored. Upon graduation, these women are confident and can find work to feed their families and send their children to school.

Many of the Women are gifted a sewing machine to launch their own tailoring business.

Over 98% of past program participants remain successfully employed, and many marriages have been restored, keeping their families intact.

Your Life Purpose can save a woman's life and that of her family.  See how you can make a life saving and changing Impact.

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