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At DOV, your Help Funds don't just make a difference; they have a direct impact on a Victory Project.

Unlike most nonprofits, DOV operates with complete Transparency.  Every dollar of your Help Funds is channeled directly to a Victory Project.  The Directors of DOV do not receive any payment.  Your Victory Purpose will receive all your Help Funds.

Many nonprofits pay as much as 80% of the contributions for marketing and fund-raising. We’ve audited several nonprofits and seen nationally known prestigious nonprofits with only 10% to 30% going to their actual cause. It is perfectly legal for nonprofits to do this and keep their nonprofit status.

Every nonprofit has to file a Form 990 with the IRS. You can go in yourself and see. Here’s how to read the IRS form—it’s not hard. Google will give you access to every nonprofit's Form 990. When you open it, look for the amount of money that goes to grants. This will be after the nonprofit pays for administration, marketing, and overhead. You will also see how much the nonprofit is paying the executives.

It has gotten so bad that several papers have run front-page articles about how much nonprofits are paying for marketing and fund-raising. This is normal in the nonprofit business. Unfortunately, it has become big business to have a nonprofit. The reason is that many, if not most, nonprofits keep 70% to 90% of the contributions. Most nonprofits now pay their executives a million dollars or more.

Days of Victory is Totally Different.  All of the Help Funds you give go to a Victory Project.  Your Life Purpose is to make an Impact on the world.  You want to make a lasting and significant change in people's lives.

DOV will make your Life Purpose a Reality.

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