Community Centers in India

We build Community Centers to liberate the people from the oppression of poverty. 

The caste system continues to oppress the poor who are called Dalits.  70% of women in Dalit villages are uneducated and oppressed.

The Community Centers transform lives and communities through four main programs.

  1. Child Development Centers with 5,000+ children served so far.

  2. ARISE! Women’s Empowerment with 1,800+ women gainfully employed to date.  This includes a Six-month vocational training program that offers literacy and tailoring skills resulting in an employment rate of 98%. This Builds trust, self-esteem, and confidence to create self-sufficiency to support a family.  ARISE graduates discover a renewed sense of life and purpose.

  3. Community Transformation Groups with over 1,600+ transformation groups established. Two-year leadership training focused on, education, and vocational training.  Community classes in leadership, literacy, social entrepreneurism, business management, personal finance, health, and hygiene.

  4. United International School, K-12 with over 10,000+ graduates. Provides love, care, food, clothing, and education to 500 children in 12 communities at a time.


Here is video from some of the students:




Here is an Architectural drawing of a Community Center currently under construction is Pappakoil, India.

This is how it is working:

The Women’s Empowerment ARISE! Program, is focused on not only equipping women with tailoring skills but also on overall change that will transform their lives and families. The women develop self-esteem through special classes in hygiene, self-care and are taught how to voice their opinions. They’re encouraged to actively participate in reading and writing.

Women in all kinds of situations typically hear about the ARISE! Program through a friend. These women come from broken homes where there is rampant abuse triggered by anger and alcoholism.


Most of the women are uneducated and cannot earn a living. They are largely from the Dalit or "Untouchable" caste which makes them a target for sexual assault and harassment. They have no voice and live in a state of fear.


When women apply to the program, each woman undergoes a careful screening process. The six-month training program is free. They start attending the daily classes where they learn new skills. This new information brings them hope and joy for a future that offers renewed life. 


During the training, these women not only learn how to tailor but also learn basic reading, writing and math skills so they can create an invoice and handle simple accounting.  They transition into careers that will lift them out of poverty which will bring about economic transformation.


As the women build new friendships through fellowship, they gain trust and confidence. As their faith deepens, they understand they are loved and have purpose. This is social transformation.


Upon graduation, these women are confident and able to find work that can feed their family and send their children to school. Women with small children or special circumstances are gifted a sewing machine to launch their own tailoring business. 


98% of past program participants remain successfully employed and many marriages have been restored keeping their families intact.

The Community Centers:

These Community Centers transform the lives of children, mothers and the entire community.  The community want more of these Community Centers. 


This is a true story of one of the community's desires to have us build our latest Center.  The provincial government was not going to approve the building permit.  So, most of the people in the community went out and sat in the main road until the government officials agreed to approve the Community Center. 


It is now under construction.

You can change these lives, generations and Communities

You can build an entire Community Center for only $250,000.  This is a three or four story concrete building with a community freshwater well.  This becomes the enter of the community and transforms the lives of hundreds of people.  You not only transform these lives, but you also transform generations and entire communities.  You can choose the schools name and attend the opening.

You can give a recurring amount that pays for the operation of the Arise Women’s programs and the education of the children. 


You can’t find any program with more impact in changing lives, generation, and complete communities.


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