Schools in Cambodia

Cambodia is a wonderful, unexpected, God given opportunity to change generations. 


As you know Cambodia was ruled by a destructive government that killed most if not all the teachers, educated and leaders.  Millions of people were killed in the killing fields.  The schools and any educational material were destroyed.  The killing governors drove all people into the farm fields.  The result was a disaster that finally came to an end.

The new government wants to rebuild the country; however, they lack all the learning and training schools and material.  They have made it possible to open Christian schools. 


We have now opened several schools that are training the teachers, educating kids and changing lives. 


This a Christian based education and many of the teachers and kids have become Christians along with training and education.  These will be the Cambodian leaders in the future.

These schools average 250 kids from kindergarten to 9th grade.  These schools are fully licensed as Christian schools by the government. 


These schools will not only change lives and generations, but they will also change the future of the nation.


You are called to support this Victory Project.  There never has been as great a God Project.  You can build a new school for only $275,000.  You can choose the schools name and attend its opening.


You can donate monthly, and it will pay for school supplies, teacher training and classroom materials.

Here are our newest schools:


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