India University

This is an incredible opportunity for deserving India’s students to fulfill their academic dreams by pursuing their careers which will break the bondage of systemic poverty.

Here are some of India’s facts:
Nationally, only 33% of students graduate from grade 10

  • Of those, only 27% pursue higher education

  • 23% of young adults are unemployed because they lack job skills

  • Only 8% of Indians are college graduates

Education is the key to opening the possibilities in these young lives. The obstacles they face, the lack of affordable tuition combined with a lack of money make college unattainable for many students.

Our response is to provide an education for all students regardless of caste that is affordable and attainable. This concept is both daring and
pioneering within the Indian culture by blending all castes to teach tolerance and collaboration in an inclusive campus.

The University will provide a scholarship program for up to 40% of the student body.  Students attending the private school will be able to continue their education.  Children from rural areas attending our
Community Centers will have the opportunity to attend college.  Remedial learning will help these students to be able to achieve their goals.

Tuition will an affordable fraction of the cost in comparison to other Indian colleges.  The University is located in Bangalore, a city regarded as the Silicon Valley of India.  There are job opportunities ready for those with the skills and qualifications.

The University will educate up to 900 students a year from various economic, faith and caste backgrounds to discover their potential.

Here are some architectural drawings of the University.

We are fortunate to have matching fund donors who will match every dollar you give.  100% of your donation will go to build and run the University.

Donate now and we will keep you up to date on the building and progress of the University.  You will be changing not only a student, but also generations and even a county’s future.


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