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India Community Center

We are building Community Transformation Centers in some of the poorest areas in India. These communities have no permanent buildings nor access to local clean drinking water. Educational and training centers are miles away and the people have no access to the education and training needed to escape the pit of poverty that they must endure.

The Transformation Centers are three or four story, concrete buildings that serve many purposes for the community. First, we drill a well, so clean drinking water is readily available and free to the community. Second, the children have access to local education on the first floor of the Center. Third, the women in the community are trained in sewing and seamstress skills on the second floor of the Center. Fourth, the men are trained in leadership and financial management. Fifth, the Center becomes a place for community meetings and events. Sixth, in times of flood, the Center becomes a safe and dry escape from the rising waters.

The Community Centers have been embraced the communities. The community elders see these Centers as a needed and desired addition. These Community Centers are one of the best ways to help people escape the cycle of unrelenting poverty. They not only help the current community, but change generations.


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