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You will Discover when you Read and Experience Jesus’ Birth:

There have been recent discoveries about what happened 2000 years ago that you will want to know

We have discovered more about Mary and Joseph that is wonderful

Jesus is the center of Christmas, and the Wise Men have a surprise for you

You will Experience the Very First Christmas with Jesus and His family

See the New Facts about Jesus’ Birth

The 15 New Facts about Jesus’ Birth Discovered from hundreds of Ancient Records.


Jesus’ Birth is a historical fact

The ancient records add new details to the Biblical account

Mary was only 14 when she married Joseph

Joseph was in his 30’s and had several children when he married Mary

Joseph’s oldest son was older than Mary when they married

Joseph didn’t want to marry Mary

Joseph and Mary were almost killed because of her pregnancy

Jesus was no ordinary baby or young boy

Mary knew that Jesus was God with us

Jesus was born in a cave not a little house

Shepherds from all around Bethlehem came to see the baby Jesus

The Shepherd told the people in Bethlehem and they all came to see the baby Jesus

The Wisemen came with a caravan of hundreds to see Jesus

The Wisemen arrived over a year after Jesus was born

Joseph, Mary and Jesus just barely escaped Herod’s death squads


There are many more new facts that have been learned from the ancient records.  These ancient records have just been successfully discovered and read in the past few years.  They prove that Jesus was born and tell us where, when and how. 

Everyone needs to know!

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