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Your Life Purpose
Save the Lives of Children

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Children are living in hopelessness.  Children who never chose to be locked in the life prison of poverty.  Children with no access to education.  Children with no way out or up in life.

You will help make education and training available to children.  These children have no or limited access to any of these life-changing tools.  Through this education and training, they are excelling.

This is done in three ways:  First, you will help build elementary schools, high schools, and colleges.  Second, you will help build Community Transition Centers.  Third, you will sponsor the children so they can attend the school and training programs.

We are building elementary and high schools in Cambodia.  The Khmer Rouge communist dictatorship killed over one-fourth of the population and burned all schools and materials.  Since Cambodia was freed of this awful government, they are seeking ways to rebuild their education.  DOV and its partner groups are building and operating the new schools in Cambodia.  The children are desperate for schooling.  The government is encouraging the development of schools.

We just returned from a trip to dedicate our most recent school opening.  It was built for 250 students.  Within just three months, over 375 registered to attend.  We are building an additional classroom annex, and more will come.  You will help build these new schools and sponsor the teachers and children. 

Your Life Impact is immeasurable.  You can’t have a Life Purpose with more Life Impact now and in the future.  Take a moment and look at our trip's pictures and video.  You could go with us to dedicate a school and experience the utter joy.

Pictures and video

We are building Community Transition Centers in India.  There are areas with no access to education and training.  Each Transition Center provides education and training for over 100 children in its community. You will help build, operate, and sponsor these children.  The community is excited about having the Transition Center. Your Purpose will change the entire community and the children in it.


You will be able to help build an international college in India.  This college will provide training for nursing, accounting, business, and other useful career-building degrees.  Most of the students will be from families and communities that don’t have access to this level of education and training.  You will also sponsor students so they can attend the college and start a new life.  Your Purpose will Impact these lives, communities, and future generations.


Your Life Purpose is the key to unlocking the gates to these children’s new lives.  Your Impact will change their lives, their futures, their finances, and their self-worth.  Your Life Purpose will save the lives and future generations of these children.

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