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Victory Projects


Cambodia is a wonderful, unexpected opportunity to achieve your life purpose by changing lives and generations.

Cambodia was ruled by a destructive government that killed most, if not all, the teachers, educated, and leaders.  Millions of people were killed in the killing fields.  The schools and all educational materials were destroyed.  The killers drove all the people into the farm fields.  The result was a disaster that finally came to an end.

The new government wants to rebuild the country but lacks all the  schools and materials.  They have made it possible to open new schools.

You will Impact thousands of children and families in Cambodia.

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The Victory Projects in India are extremely interesting and diverse. DOV is building and running education and training projects for children, students, women, mothers, men, and families.

This includes elementary schools, high schools, a university, women’s ARISE training, men’s entrepreneur training, and community transformation centers.  There are so many exciting Victory Projects you can help with in India.

Each Community Center transforms lives and communities.

The women’s ARISE graduates go from worthless property to people with value and self-confidence.

The International University in Bangalore is a high-quality university with graduates in computer science, business, accounting, and nursing.

Your Life Purpose will make a lasting Impact in India.

Cambodia Major Projects
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India Major Projects
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