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Rescue the Lives of Women and Mothers

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Women in many countries have little to no value.  These women can be thrown out on the streets by men or husbands.  These women have no access to training, help, or the ability to thrive.  These women are reduced to begging or selling the one thing they still have: their bodies.

You will help provide the training these women need to become self-sufficient.  Their whole world and community relationships have changed.  In the Community Transition Centers that you will help build and operate, the second floor is devoted to training and educating the community's women.  They are taught to be seamstresses and provided the tools to start their own businesses.  They become the financial and relationship center of their community.  They go from being outcasts and worthless to being valued and in demand.

You will change the lives of these women and their families. These women and mothers are teaching their children to value girls and women. They are showing their families how to become financially successful, changing the cultural status of women in these communities.

Look at the picture of the Transition Center.  These are pictures of some overjoyed women who have gone through the training.  They have become some of the happiest people that we have ever met. 


Some of the DOV Helpers will be able to go with us to dedicate a new Community Transition Center. You will see how your Purpose has an enormous, long-lasting impact on these women. New Helpers at some of the Helper Levels will get a thank-you gift hand-sewn by these women. Display it with pride for what your help is doing for these women.

Here’s a picture of a table runner made from Saris scraps. These are some of the most beautiful table runners and placemats you will ever see.


Your Life Purpose is the Key to giving these women a life, a future, a skill, a way to survive and thrive.  Your Impact will be to train and equip these women with the skills to become self-supporting, financially able, and have self and social worth.

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