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India Major
Victory Projects

Indias Community Centers Major
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Community Center

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We build Community Centers to liberate the people from the oppression of poverty.

The caste system continues to oppress the poor, who are called Dalits.  70% of women in Dalit villages are uneducated and oppressed.

The Community Centers transform lives and communities through these programs.

1.    Child Development with over 5,000 children helped so far.  The first floor has flexible classrooms for the children's education.

2. The second floor is dedicated to the Women's ARISE training.    

3.    Community Transformation Groups with over 1,600 transformation groups established. The two-year leadership training is focused on education and vocational training.


Community classes in leadership, literacy, social entrepreneurism, business management, personal finance, health, and hygiene.

This is one of the most rewarding Impacts your Life Purpose will make.

Click and find out more about the Community Centers.

Community Center Impact

India Womens ARISE Program
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ARISE Project

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Women in many areas are still considered property.  The men can discard them for any reason.  This leaves the women in complete poverty and with no hope.

ARISE! Women’s Training has over 1,800 women gainfully employed to date. This six-month training program offers literacy and tailoring skills, resulting in an employment rate of 98%. It builds trust, self-esteem, and confidence to create self-sufficiency to support a family.

ARISE graduates discover a renewed sense of life and purpose.

You'll want to know how make Your Impact with ARISE and be a Victory Helper for these women.

The ARISE Program

India University Need Major
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This is an incredible opportunity to help deserving Indian students fulfill their academic dreams by pursuing careers that will break the bondage of systemic poverty.

Here are some of India’s facts:

Nationally, only 33% of students graduate from grade 10.

·  Of those, only 27% pursue higher education.

·   23% of young adults are unemployed because they lack job skills.

·   Only 8% of Indians are college graduates.

Education is the key to opening the possibilities for these young lives.


The obstacles they face, the lack of affordable tuition and a lack of money, make college unattainable for many students.

You can help DOV provide affordable and attainable education for all students regardless of caste. This concept will blend all castes to teach tolerance and collaboration in an inclusive campus.

The University will provide a scholarship program for up to 40% of the student body. Students attending our private schools will be able to continue their education.


Children from rural areas attending our Community Centers will have the opportunity to attend college.

Tuition will be very affordable.


The University is located in Bangalore, a city regarded as the Silicon Valley of India. Job opportunities are ready for those with the skills and qualifications.

The University will educate up to 900 students a year from various economic, faith, and caste backgrounds to discover their potential.

This is a  Victory Project that will help you achieve Your Life Purpose by changing lives and generations.

University Opportunity

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