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Cambodia Major
Victory Projects

Cabodias Schools Major
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These schools are changing lives, generations and the nation's future.

Click and follow the Cambodian Schools Victory Project.

The Exciting School System

Cambodian Students Major
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The families in Cambodia usually cannot afford the cost of schooling for their kids.  When you go to Cambodia you will see that the major transportation vehicle is either bicycles or a motor scooter.

You see in the pictures that the students are in uniforms.  This is important so each student is dressed in school appropriate clothes.

Each child needs a sponsor.  Each sponsor makes it possible for the student to attend school.  It only takes $40 a month to sponsor a student and help make their new life possible.

Click to see the students who need your help as a sponsor. 


Cambodia Teacher Training LISA
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Faculty Training

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We now have eight schools in operation and plans for several more.  The Cambodian people are excited about working at the schools.  

We needed to have a teacher and school worker training center.  We were able to buy a building and remodel it the LISA Training Center.

Click and see more about the LISA Training Center.

The LISA Training Center

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