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Canbodia Schools
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School System

DOV and its partner organization have established a system of nine schools in Cambodia. The school system is educating over 1,800 students in grades K through 6th. These children have limited access to any education.  They are now studying Khmer (Cambodian) reading, writing, math, and basic English.

The schools, designed with movable walls, serve not only as educational institutions but also as community centers. This unique feature allows the entire community to benefit from the excellent school facilities, fostering a sense of shared ownership and pride.

DOV Helpers sponsor the students and teachers. The students receive free education, uniforms, backpacks, and supplies through these Helpers. They also have the opportunity to study with caring teachers in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our schools operate on a unique schedule, offering half-day sessions for 3.5 hours in the mornings and afternoons.  This innovative approach complements the Cambodian government schools, which also operate for half-days. The government's encouragement of our school system is a testament to its effectiveness and the mutual respect between our schools and the communities they serve.

The schools operate as a system of schools, employing 65 Indigenous workers.  Each school team has completed the LISA teacher training program.

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