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India Universtiy Need
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India University
Need & Opportunity

Here are some interesting facts about India:

  • Nationally, only 33% of students graduate from grade 10. Of those, only 27% pursue higher education (AISHE).

  • 23% of young adults are unemployed because they lack job skills (Statista).

  • Education is the key to opening up the possibilities of God’s purpose in these young lives.

  • Only 8-15% of Indians are college graduates (2011 census)

The lack of affordable tuition, scholarships, and loans is a significant barrier, making college a distant dream for many. Our private school and children’s program annually graduates a cadre of students eager to pursue higher education, but sadly, many lack the financial resources to do so.

Our response is to provide a continuum of education for all students that is affordable and attainable through a robust scholarship program offered to 40% of the student body.

The tuition at the United International College is $1,500, and with room and board, it will cost $3,000 a year.

Children attending our rural Child Development Centers will have the opportunity to attend college by residing in dormitories.

The college campus will be a place of learning and growth, accessible to all, regardless of their economic situation or religious background. It will provide students with an exceptional college experience in the heart of Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India.

This concept is both daring and pioneering within Indian culture. It blends all castes together to teach tolerance and build an inclusive campus.

A bachelor’s degree in the following high-demand fields is offered in:

  • Business

  • Administration

  • Accounting

  • Computer

  • Nursing

Your Help is needed for student scholarships and continuing construction.  Your Help changes lives and generations.  Not only are the lives of these students transformed, the lives of the entire families are changed.  This changes this entire generation and the generations to come.  

Your Life Purpose has an empact that will live changing lives, communities and even the nation.  See how you can Help.

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